Xpressive4ever Dance,Inc. Presents: - Who Are We
Xpressive4ever Dance,Inc. Presents: -  X4D Cultural Arts Programs
Who Are We

Board of Directors
Danielle Williams                  President
Sean A. Stinnett                   Vice President 
Sondra Torain                       Secretary
Barry D. Pope                       Chair
Paris Mack                         Chair     
Staff / Volunteers 

Angela Koukoui
                              Founder/Artistic Director 

 Janikka L. Simms                            Director, Dance Programs

Tarwah Merchant                          Asst., Dance Programs
Lonnette McPherson                     Director, Music Programs
Nathaniel  Humes                         Director, Treasury Services
James Hayes                                  Youth Coordinator 
Towanda Price                               Director of Administration
Olivia Koukoui                             Research Development Coordinator